I discovered my passion for art at a very very young age. As a twin, I would embark on the coolest adventures, with no boundaries in my mind to the possibilities of our endless play. My mind expanded within mother nature and I would often find myself inspired by her beauty. 
Art became a way for me to express my endless ideas that always went beyond the box. I will never forget the drawing I created, of myself as a 'firebird superhero'. From this, I would create art that explored my passion for nature and the connection to humanity. 
I now express my vision through high quality productions such as Projection Mapping (a cool technology that maps specific architecture and allows for custom art to be created for a digital show on the building), and NFT collaboration art, which is neat to finally create art as an asset/collectable!
I am currently the Content Director and Creator for the Award winning Projection Mapping show called 'The ILLUMINATION EXPERIENCE' in the City of Cambridge, Ontario'. This project has opened doors to mentorship and leadership within Conestoga College's Design program supporting Students. 
Lastly with advancements in technology, I explore art in Virtual Reality using full body integration into the art, making it truly a unique experience. 
Thank you for your time, please enjoy the rest of the portfolio art!